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Your support – is a non-commercial project created by an amateur astronomer for other astronomers, photographers, meteorologists and other people in love with the night sky. 

Unfortunately, working on this project comes with ongoing costs:

1. Hosting and Domain – $ 4 / Month
2. Internet – $ 11 / Month
3. Electricity – $ 27 / Month

Total: more than $ 500 per year.

In addition, unplanned expenses arise – replacement of cameras, lenses, power supplies, etc. That is why the project is ready to accept any of your support.

There are at least three main ways to do this:

1. Financial. Donations are accepted here:

2. Affiliate. You can help the project by shopping in these stores when you go to them from this page:

3. Equipment. Any cameras and components of video surveillance systems, including faulty ones, lenses, accessories can be sent by mail. Just contact the author of the project.

Anyway – thank you so much for being interested in my project!

Best regards,
Ilya Jankovsky

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